Darlene DiBona is a Boston based artist.  She received her BFA in 1996 from Ithaca College and has been working as a professional tattoo artist since 1999.  She started tattooing in San Francisco and has also worked on the island of Maui ,where she is still employed as a visiting artist, before returning to her home of Boston Massachusetts in 2005 and gaining employment at Fat Ram's Pumpkin Tattoo in Jamaica Plain.  In 2009 Darlene completed her initial cosmetic tattoo education at the John Hashey School for Cosmetic Tattooing  in Oldsmar florida.  She has since returned to the school for continuing education as she will do periodically throughout her career.  She is happy to report that she is currently working with the New England Medical Center as a referral for women who are seeking ariola reconstruction tattoo.